Shin Pain

Shin pain is very common amongst runners and active individuals. MTSS (medial tibial stress syndrome) is particularly prevalent amongst runners and causes quite extensive (>5cm) diffuse pain along the medial side of the tibia (shin bone). However there are many other potential causes of shin pain, which may be bony, vascular, neural or soft-tissue related.

A number of factors may contribute to the development of shin pain, including biomechanical considerations (tight calves, foot structure and function during gait), training errors (over training) and inappropriate footwear (excessively worn or poorly suited).

As with any injury, it can be difficult to deteremine the cause of your shin pain. A thorough training and injury history, in combination with gait and footwear analysis, biomechanical assessment and palpation of the painful area will be necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. Seeking advise from a podiatrist or physiotherapist about your shin pain is the best way to get a comprehensive diagnosis and to develop an appropriate treatment plan. intraining Running Injury Clinic have 4 podiatrists and a physiotherapist who are all runners, and all very experienced in treating running injuries.