Nike Vaporfly 4% – Free speed

Vaporfly4percent3FREE SPEED – The future of running

Nike Zoom 4%

In January 2016, just before the marathon trials for the Rio games. Nike began developing the Vaporfly 4% system and dedicating most of its science to creating the tooling (the bottom portion of the shoe) in June 2013. The tooling features new Nike ZoomX foam that is ultra-lightweight, soft and capable of providing up to 85-percent energy return.

Embedded within the foam is a full-length curved carbon fiber plate that increases stiffness to provide a sensation of propulsion and acts like a coiled spring system with every stride. Together, these features deliver an average of 4-percent improvement in running economy when compared to the Zoom Nike Streak 6 (currently Nike’s fastest racing flat on the market) — which can have a huge impact on how an athlete feels and performs during a race as long as a marathon.

Vaporfly4percent1You are probably thinking… yes, but if it is a racing shoe it will be too light for just the ‘average’ runner to use for a long distance event. Yes, the shoe is incredibly light at just 185g, but thanks to Nikes ZoomX cushioning technology the shoe cushioning feels like your high mileage long distance training shoe. Think we are joking… try a pair on.

3 key features that the ‘average’ runner will love

  • 10mm heel to toe offset: The higher than average racing flat heel to toe offset is designed to take strain away from the Achilles tendon.
  • Ultra light weight at just 185g
  • Superior cushioning – akin to your most cushioned high mileage training shoe

What do we think of the Nike Vaporfly 4%?

If you’re a 3:30 marathoner this shoe has the potential to help you take 8-10 minutes off of your time without any additional training. Based on feedback from intraining Running Centre customers and staff members, these shoes really do seem to help you run faster for longer. One intraining customer ran over 2 minutes faster on one of his standard courses 12km courses in training and said the shoes felt like he could have kept on going. Whilst the high price tag of $350 may put some people off, the potential gains to be realised are significant.

The question now is … how much does that PB really mean to you?

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% is available in limited quantities and is sold out worldwide. Luckily we have a small but limited size run of the Vaporfly 4% available in stock at intraining Running Centre – Milton location.



The OOFOS Thong

Meet OOFOS – Revolutionising recovery footwear

Podiatrist and runner at intraining Running Centre
Podiatrist, coach and runner at intraining Running Centre

Heel pain can be quite difficult to manage and can take months to heal. Footwear is a major factor in the management of this pain, and often requires more than one shoe to be worn at different times to cope with the different levels of pain on any given day. The most effective shoes for pain relief are cushioned shoes such as running shoes.

However, there sometimes is the need to wear something simple and easy to slip on and off, especially in the summer months when we are more likely to go barefoot. NEW to intraining Running Centre are the OOFOS ‘flip flops’. These are a very cushioned and contoured thong and slide styles offering 37% more impact absorption compared to performance running shoes.

Benefits of OOFOS

  • 37% more impact absorption compared to running shoes
  • Cradles the arch offering running shoe like support in a thong
  • Relieves pressure on back, ankles, hips and knees
  • Promotes natural foot movement

As a podiatrist, I have always avoided thongs and slides. However, after introducing OOFOS into my shoe collection over the last 18 months, I can confidently feel ‘safe’ as a runner to wear something other than runners when my own heels become sore or if I just want to enjoy the air between my toes in the summer months.

Are you ready to introduce your feet to OOFOS?

OOFOSOofos at intraining Running Centre

We stock a colourful range of Oofos thongs and slides at both Milton and Indooroopilly stores. Give your feet the relief and comfort they are looking for during the warmer months of the year. We dare you to try a pair on… although we can’t guarantee you will want to ever take them off.

Starting at just $69.95 – GREAT GIFT IDEA

These are the ultimate gift to yourself or to someone who would like something comfortable to wear.

Asics Roadhawk FF – Racer trainer

Asics Roadhawk FF with Flytefoam

A lightweight racer trainer with looks to boot

Review by Kerri Hodge (intraining club member and marathon runner)

Stack height: 25mm heel, 17 mm forefoot, 8mm heel-toe offset
Weight: 251g (men’s size 9), 206g (women’s size 8)

Welcome to the family of Asics Flytefoam technology. Introducing the new Asics Roadhawk FF. A lightweight performance racing and training shoe that is ideal for those faster paced sessions or the long distance race where a little extra cushioning is always welcomed over a standard ‘race only’ shoe. Featuring a responsive midsole, a lightweight upper, and a Asics’ plush and grippy outsole, the Roadhawk FF is exactly what you would need if you are neutral footed abnd looking for something lighter than your standard ‘high mileage’ training shoe.

The lively underfoot feel is nothing new to those who have experienced Flytefoam with a full length midsole, providing fantastic industry leading responsiveness combined with cushy feel underfoot.

The seamless upper offers a snug and sock like feel over the foot. Making this an ideal shoe for triathletes and those who suffer from friction induced blisters and sores. If you are looking for an inbetween type shoe from your training and racing shoes – the new Roadhawk FF is worth a try.

AsicsRoadHawkFF1Key points

  • Lightweight
  • Seamless upper
  • Flytefoam responsive cushioning
  • Competitive pricing at just $179.95
  • Available in both adults and kids sizes and colourways

At just $179.95 and $119.95 for the kids – this shoe is a high performance, lightweight shoe that is certain to please. Visit the expert fitters at the intraining Running Centre and try a pair on your feet for this upcoming Spring.

intraining Running Centre stock over 100 different performance running shoe models from seven brands, including Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike and Saucony. Our comprehensive range of footwear allows our trained staff to help you get the right fit for your foot every time.

If you have trouble getting shoes to fit your feet or simply looking for advice to keep you running happily, visit the experts at intraining Running Centre – Milton or Indooroopilly to find your Cinderella fit.

Are you compressed?

Get ready to be compressed

It is no secret that compression is a technology that has quantifiable benefits that can assist in helping muscles recover quicker, reduce fatigue and essentially enable your muscles to go harder for longer. With the myriad of different compression brands and technologies available it can often become confusing to figure out which brand and type of compression will work best for you. The three major players we have available in full length compression are; Skins, 2XU and CEP with their tailor made made of recovery compression tights, ‘CloneTec’.

[table id=65 /]

Check out our summary of benefits within each brand and how these may suit your preferred usage. Ranging from active usage through reduced muscle vibration passive usage such as sitting at work after a session with your recovery compression working its magic.


Skins Compression Technology

  • A400 Active range is designed for the active elite and fanatical amateur, those who ‘live’ in their Skins for more than 10 hours a week.
  • The new DNAmic and A200 ranges are designed with everyday sports men and women in mind (those who love their team sports or gym sessions) who train or compete for up to 10 hours a week.
  • The RY400 Recovery range is the essential kit to pull on after every training session to help reduce exercise induced muscle damage, so you can get back out there again faster.


2XU Compression Technology

2XU have long been in the industry and have a range of compression tights to suit various activities from activity through to specific recovery tights.

Elite Range

  • High impact activities
  • MCS results in up to 2 x less muscle dama2XUCompressionge
  • 9% greater endurance, 33% improved recovery
  • Manufactured from 3D body scans.

Performance range

  • Medium impact activities
  • Made to suit BMI ranges.

Recovery range

  • Ultimate recovery benefits helping circulate blood improving rate of recovery.
  • Higher level of compression vs Elite and Performance range.
  • Full compression from waist through to toe.


  • Ice-X tech results in improved breathability and reduced body temperature.
  • Same as the performance compression but keeps you 2 degrees cooler.


CEPCompressionCEP Compression Technology

Clone Tech – Made to measure

  • Made to measure (tailor made from 15 anatomical measurement points)
  • Compression from your toes to your waist
  • Anatomically designed
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Seamless leg compression
  • Circular knit design and ultra-thin breathable fabric
  • Graduated compression resulting in more at the ankle and reduces towards the heart
  • Made in Germany

Keen to find out more about CloneTec? Join us for the free information evening on Thursday 27 April at 7pm at intraining Running Centre, Milton. Click here to find out more

Whether following a hard race, a long training run or a hard workout, compression garments can facilitate recovery and reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.

If you are still unsure about how to select the best compression for you, visit us at intraining Running Centre and we can help compress you and maximise your potential.

Nike Lunarglide 8

Nike Lunarglide 8 – Your go to shoe this season

Weight: 275 grams (Mens) / Heel drop: 9.5mm

Reviewed by: James Bell
5km PB: 20:20

LunarGlide8_Image2In recent years the Brooks Ravenna and Asics DS Trainer have been my preferred running shoes but I am always on the look out for suitable alternatives. On paper the Nike Lunarglide 8 appears to be another ideal option for a mild over-pronator like myself. The support in the Lunarglide comes from an angled piece of responsive foam inside the shoe named the Lunarlon wedge; this differs from the traditional medial-posted shoes that I have generally worn.

Several older Nike models have been a little roomy and loose in the upper for my narrow feet, however the first thing I noticed about the Lunarglide was it’s snug and secure fit, aided by the adaptive, flywire technology. This definitely prevented any foot movement within the shoe.

On hard road surfaces the Lunarglide provided a cushioned and springy ride without feeling too padded and heavy, softer and less supportive than the Ravenna. My foot strike was also noticeably quieter than in the DS Trainer. This smooth experience is made possible by the foam wedge, laser-cut grooves on the side of the midsole and curved, molded pods underneath which all give flexibility and traction while absorbing the impact at key points. The only downside is the pod slits can often catch small stones, making them not such a great choice for gravel or rough trails.

Key points:

  • A lightweight stability option
  • Breathable, supportive, one-piece upper
  • Cheaper than many alternatives in this category at $199.95
  • Sleek styling

Overall the Lunarglide is a real surprise; the rounded, minimalist appearance would be equally at home as an everyday lifestyle shoe. It has a plush, supportive, sock-like feel with just enough structure and cushioning for daily running, high-tempo or long distance, easy paced training.

intraining Running Centre stock over 100 different performance running shoe models from seven brands, including Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mizunoe, New Balance, Nike and Saucony. Our comprehensive range of footwear allows our trained staff to help you get the right fit for your foot every time.

If you have trouble getting shoes to fit your feet or simply looking for advice to keep you running happily, visit the experts at intraining Running Centre to find your Cinderella fit.

Cross Country Season 2017

Cross Country – Time for a waffle running shoe?

As the weather cools in Queensland, it signifies the start of cross country season. It is time to get off the road and get in touch with nature, lose the watch and enjoy running in a new environment. Cross country events in Queensland occur every week from April until September and is a perfect way to build strength and take the boredom out of often monotonous road running.

Whilst your standard training and racing shoes will certainly do the job on a cross country course, they will not offer you the same level traction or comfort as a cross country waffle. You will be left slipping and sliding around the course (even in dry conditions). Try something different this winter and try a waffle.

Cross Country events available weekly from Queensland Athletics and Queensland Running.

Key differences between waffle and training shoe

  • Waffle is lighter weight offering easier pickup on hilly courses leaving your legs less fatigued
  • Waffle has a specific waffle like sole with firmer rubber compound to ensure greater traction in all conditions
  • Waffle is lower profile to the ground providing more stability on uneven surfaces found offroad
  • Waffle provides a more ‘connected’ feel with the ground allowing easier maneuverability over uneven surfaces and engaging more foot muscles
  • Upper of a waffle is hard wearing mitigating the impact of stray sticks, roots and rocks which may tear mesh from standard training shoes
  • A waffle does not feature motion control or added stability for over pronation, like a standard training shoe

How should a waffle fit?

  • Should fit more snug compared to your training shoe
  • Little to no extra width, ensuring your foot is encased closely

Saucony_Carrera_XCNew Saucony waffles in store

Saucony Carrera XC Mens Waffle – $99.95

Break away from the pack and let loose in the Saucony Carrera XC.  Now featuring a light ISOFIT upper, this cross country flat provides an unmatched fit for race day.  A durable carbon rubber outsole offers torsional rigidity and the unrelenting traction need to perform at an elite level.

Saucony_Shay_WaffleSaucony Shay Womens Waffle – $99.95

The demanding conditions of the XC season can be conquered with the lightweight Saucony Shay XC 4 Waffle. With a lightweight upper designed to fit like a track spike and an aggressive cross country outsole built for ultimate traction, this performance XC waffle will help you dominate your next cross country.

If you are looking to run some cross country this winter, make sure you visit intraining Running Centre. We have a wide range of new cross country spikes and waffles ranging from kids through to adult sizes to suit both men and women.

NEW ASICS Flytefoam

Lightweight and durable – A shoe that does it all

DS Trainer 22: Featuring NEW ASICS Flytefoam

The DS Trainer is the high mileage trainer designed with the runner looking for a lightweight shoe with fantastic ground feedback. Whilst the NEW DS Trainer 22 boasts an incredibly low weight, combined with Flytefoam technology it also does not disappoint in cushioning you for the long run.

The DS Trainer 22 incorporates a lean and flexible upper with a durable, rear deceleration-focused midsole to give the result of a light weight, yet safe shoe that delivers for those wanting the best of the cushioned and lightweight worlds.

A closer look at DS Trainer 22


Fully breathable mesh surrounds the whole dorsum, sides and rear of the upper. Moisture is drained immediately when running in long winter grass or in drizzly conditions. The tongue and interior rear portion of the shoe are lined with memory foam for ease of getting into the shoe and reduced blister likelihood. This feature alsAsicsFlyteFoam_DSTrainer1o makes it an entirely practical shoe for triathlon racing where socks are optional and feet are often wet.

The most notable functional improvement in upper design lies in the heel composition. The exoskeleton wraps lower and more anterior, resulting in less medial displacement at initial contact and less overall total rearfoot eversion movement compared to its predecessor. I.e. it is more protective of rearfoot pronation speed and total amount.


The above kinematic improvement in rearfoot pronation is also attributed to the shoes’ midsole.

The Dynamic Duomax midsole design is a combination of two midsole densities strategically placed to help reduce the brake force at contact and also promote propulsive acceleration at take-off. The soft, more comfortable layer is primarily what the sole of the foot feels. The firmer layer is placed deeper under the shoe, along the medial arch and rear foot to help resist arch deformation.

The FlyteFoam midsole material is made from a combination of Kevlar and polyester PET fibres (organic fibres. This is very light and boasts both high stretch and high compression resistance, giving major durability under subjective wear testing.

The Propulsion Trusstic is a regular feature of Asics performance shoes and has been constantly refined. As the rear and forward compartments of the shoe twist throughout the midstance phase, Propulsion Trusstic gathers this potential energy to push momentum forward through the central part of the shoe. It is an integral feature in forward, fast movement required for the efficient runner.


The outsole suits the rest of the shoe. It wears at the rate that the rest of the shoe does, not lasting unnecessarily longer or less. It is well designed to give just enough cushion feel at strike and grip at propulsion, whist not containing bulk rubber where it’s not required.

DS Trainer 22 is a fantastic accompaniment to the runner who moves with ease but trains plenty. It can be used for racing because of its low weight and suitability for the non-sock wearing racer, as well, it is adequately gripped for groomed trail running.

The real drawcard of the DS Trainer 22 is its ability to cope under large mileage. Most lightweight performance shoes deform quickly in the midsole or the upper loses structure quickly. This shoe will take everything you can give it and will support your foot and offer protection needed to prevent over pronation in the rear foot.

If you are looking to try out the latest range of ASICS Flytefoam featured footwear or are keen to get yourself into a shoe that is lightweight and durable, visit the intraining Running Centre in Milton or Indooroopilly. Test the shoes outside in real world conditions and see the results for yourself.

Brooks Launch – Shoe review

Brooks Launch a multi-purpose racer trainer

By Hamish Hamilton
intraining Staff Member
Half Marathon PB: 1:13:13

220x300_brookslaunchThe Brooks Launch offers a comfortable feeling under foot with its smooth heel to toe transition. The 10mm heel drop propels you through your running gait with ease and efficiency. It almost feels as though the shoe is pushing you forward without any effort.

The midsole offers a plush cushioning under foot, when compared to other racer trainer’s such as the Asics DS Trainer whilst still offering a responsive and faster ride.

Being a midfoot, forefoot striker the idea of a lightweight racer trainer, at just 288g, was very appealing. Having worn both the Mizuno Sayonara and Nike Zoom-Elite I found this shoe to be softer than the Sayonara but more responsive then the Zoom-Elite. The Brooks Launch’s great combination of cushioning and weightless feel, makes this shoe a great choice for faster paced sessions whether they are short or long. This is really my go to shoe for speed-work and faster paced tempo runs up to 20km.

Key reasons why I like the Brooks Launch

  • Great propulsion
  • Soft yet responsive ride
  • 10mm heel to toe drop (less than T7 and racer ST)
  • Lightweight for speed sessions
  • Cushioning to faster longer run

Brooks Launch Specifications

PRONATION: None/Normal
ARCH: Medium, High
BODY BUILD: Small, Medium, Large
SURFACE: Road/Track
WEIGHT: 224g (womens) / 278g (mens)


Review date: November 2016

Suunto Spartan – Unrivaled durability

Suunto Spartan Sport and Spartan Ultra

The Suunto Spartan series of GPS watches introduced by the Finnish watch maker is the development of the triathletes favourite series, the Ambit.spartanimage

The Suunto Spartan is a watch designed with all sporting endeavors in mind, including; running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, hiking, multisport, kayaking, obstacle course and pretty much every other sport you can possibly think of. The feature laden GPS watch will track your every movement and will double as an every day watch interface that won’t look out of place in your work attire.

What has the Spartan kept from the popular Ambit series?

  • Lightning fast GPS connectivity. No waiting around for minutes for the satellites to acquire.
  • Smart Bluetooth connectivity with sensors ensuring seamless integration
  • Quick button navigation to remove any potential for ‘mis touches’ when you are sweating mid session
  • Automated Bluetooth uploads directly through your smartphone via the Movescount App
  • Pairing with your Smartphone for notifications, such as text messages, social media as well as a magnitude of other on screen prompts delivered directly to your watch face.
  • Recovery advisor, which predicts based on heart rate and your current fitness level how long until you will be recovered from your session and back at full capacity.

What exactly does the Suunto Spartan series offer over the popular Ambit series?

  • Full colour screen
  • Touch screen interface which operates in a similar fashion to popular Apple products, combined with easy to use buttons for navigation through on screen menus
  • Lighter weight at approximately 73g (Ultra Titanium)
  • Stylish titanium and stainless steel model in the Suunto Ultra Titanium

By this time, you are probably asking yourself why you should buy a Suunto?

  1. High quality build. The Suunto range of watches are made in Finland, feel sturdy and will be up to any vigorous workout you can throw at it without the worry of a strap breaking, or a screen pausing midway through a session.
  2. Smart Bluetooth connectivity ensures seamless integration with a wide range of products on the market.
  3. Reliable 26hr battery life in GPS mode
  4. Sapphire crystal screen – 2nd only in hardness to diamond – making it extremely durable.

The Suunto Spartan offers a few fantastic new ‘upgrades’ over the older Ambit series as mentioned. If you are looking for a GPS watch that will accompany you on your next adventure, the Suunto Spartan is certainly worth a look.

If you are still struggling to decide on your next GPS watch purchase, visit us in store at intraining Running Centre.  Our staff are not only trained on all product knowledge, but are all runners with vast experience – having used almost every watch out there. Our knowledge combined with first hand experience on products are second to none and we can help you select the best watch to suit your needs.


For our take on the Garmin Forerunner 735XT – click here