Do your feet a favour

Do your feet a favour and treat them to Feetures socks

Feetures have been the number one selling socks in USA specialty run stores for a few years running, and it’s not hard to see why. As Brisbane’s premier running store, intraining are following in these footsteps.

Feetures are also intraining’s best-selling sock brand. We stock a great range of their socks, which are available in three different thicknesses, different lengths and a fantastic array of colours. These socks are perfect not only for running, but any other active pursuits.

Features of Feetures?

  • Anatomically-designed fit around the toes provides the perfect fit for both your feet
  • Targeted arch compression promotes a snug, comfortable and secure fit to prevent friction and movement of the sock
  • Seamless construction eliminates irritation and friction
  • Nylon/spandex synthetic blend breathes exceptionally well and wicks moisture away from your feet to keep them cool and dry.
  • These fibres also ensure the socks hug and conform to your feet so there is no movement or bunching material to again eliminate friction
  • Heel tab and firm elastic around the ankle ensure the socks stay firm on your feet and don’t slip down into your shoes
  • Lifetime guarantee – the socks are of very high quality and exceptionally durable. They will maintain great fit and feel, and ensure your feet and comfortable for their entire lifetime, rather than deteriorating like other socks can tend to do.

    Features - Available at intraining

The running season is almost upon us. It’s always important to keep your feet comfortable, so get yourself a pair of Feetures from intraining Running Centre, and give your feet that refreshing new sock feeling they’ve been longing for.

Feetures are available in a wide range of colours, lengths and styles, so there is something to suit everyone.

Performance running socks

Performance running socks – Are they worth it?

Any sock will do …right? Many of us cringe when we see the price of a performance running sock and the thought of they can’t be better than my good ol’ cotton socks – can they? Your running sock choice can be the difference between a comfortable, pain-free run and a painful one. Wearing the wrong type of socks can lead to foot blisters, chafing, corns, and other issues. Ask anyone who has made the leap of faith to a performance running sock and they will tell you how something as simple as sock choice can transform your running experience.

CepsockGone were the days of ill fitting cotton socks, pooling moisture and forcing your feet to sweat more. Today’s performance running sock is anatomically manufactured to fit your left and right foot and wick moisture away from your sweaty feet, keeping them dry and comfortable throughout your run.

Benefits of performance vs cotton sock

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TIP: Try on shoes with the socks you’re going to be running in to ensure best fit


There are a myriad of different types of socks available, from thick and padded, or socks that fit like a second skin through to toe socks and compression socks and a wide range of colours to suit your running mood. Your choice will depend on what you are looking for in a sock. If you have never had a performance running sock, try something similar in thickness to what you are currently wearing. Don’t be afraid to try different thicknesses, high/low cut and brands to find out what you like best.

Brands we stock

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Ready to transform your run? At intraining Running Centre, we have a wide variety of performance running socks available to choose from. Still not sure, chat to our friendly staff or visit us in store so we can help you select the sock that will rock your running world.

Pain in the heel?

Pain in the heel becoming a pain in the butt?

Feetures_PFsockLet’s face it, having a pain in the heel is a huge pain in the butt. Plantar Fasciopathy and/or Fasciitis is a prevalent injury amongst runners and the general public alike. Plantar Fasciopathy causes significant and often debilitating pain that affects not only running, but everyday life. Most often pain is experienced in the heel, but it can also extend through the medial arch of the foot.

Enter the new Plantar Fascia compression sock from Feetures. This is the latest high-quality recovery focused foot garment to hit the shelves at intraining Running Centre. Whilst not the silver bullet in curing plantar fascia pain, they’re a great adjunct treatment for sufferers of Plantar Fasciopathy. The Feetures sock assists in relieving tension through the plantar fascia and providing lasting support and symptomatic relief.

Three key areas the Feetures PF sock can help

  1. Eases heel and arch pain
  2. Targeted compression lifts, stretches and stabilizes the plantar fascia and supports the Achilles tendon
  3. Easy to wear sock provides convenient relief

If you are looking for a compression sock that will assist in your recovery process and help reduce the pain in your heel, these are worth a try. Not only will they offer Plantar Fasciitis sufferers in managing pain, the socks provide fantastic comfort and can be worn both during and after running.

Article by Emily Donker. Podiatrist, coach and runner
Article by Emily Donker.
Podiatrist, coach and runner

The Plantar Fascia Compression Socks from Feetures have recently been launched worldwide. We are excited that intraining Running Centre is one of the first few locations you can get your hands on a pair … well, your feet in a pair!