Spend $300 and WIN $1030 value

Christmas is just one month away, so we thought what better way to celebrate than to offer you a chance to WIN the latest Suunto Spartan (check out our review) Ultra Titanium GPS watch worth $1030! spartanimage

For the months of November and December 2016 we will be giving away the most feature laden GPS watch to hit the market. Simply spend over $300 at the intraining Running Centre in one transaction and you will go in the draw.

Together with Suunto, intraining Running Centre are also offering some fantastic deals on the Ambit series until 31 December 2016 where you can save up to 30% off. We are also offering the latest Suunto Spartan at a special rate of 10% off the below list price – whilst stocks last.

intraining Running Centre – Suunto Super Specials

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The Suunto Spartan Ultra Titanium winner will be announced on the intraining Running Centre website and our facebook page on 20 December.

Tuesday 20th December

In case you didn’t know about the new Spartan, here is a quick review to whet your taste buds.

Suunto Spartan – Unrivaled durability

Suunto Spartan Sport and Spartan Ultra

The Suunto Spartan series of GPS watches introduced by the Finnish watch maker is the development of the triathletes favourite series, the Ambit.spartanimage

The Suunto Spartan is a watch designed with all sporting endeavors in mind, including; running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, hiking, multisport, kayaking, obstacle course and pretty much every other sport you can possibly think of. The feature laden GPS watch will track your every movement and will double as an every day watch interface that won’t look out of place in your work attire.

What has the Spartan kept from the popular Ambit series?

  • Lightning fast GPS connectivity. No waiting around for minutes for the satellites to acquire.
  • Smart Bluetooth connectivity with sensors ensuring seamless integration
  • Quick button navigation to remove any potential for ‘mis touches’ when you are sweating mid session
  • Automated Bluetooth uploads directly through your smartphone via the Movescount App
  • Pairing with your Smartphone for notifications, such as text messages, social media as well as a magnitude of other on screen prompts delivered directly to your watch face.
  • Recovery advisor, which predicts based on heart rate and your current fitness level how long until you will be recovered from your session and back at full capacity.

What exactly does the Suunto Spartan series offer over the popular Ambit series?

  • Full colour screen
  • Touch screen interface which operates in a similar fashion to popular Apple products, combined with easy to use buttons for navigation through on screen menus
  • Lighter weight at approximately 73g (Ultra Titanium)
  • Stylish titanium and stainless steel model in the Suunto Ultra Titanium

By this time, you are probably asking yourself why you should buy a Suunto?

  1. High quality build. The Suunto range of watches are made in Finland, feel sturdy and will be up to any vigorous workout you can throw at it without the worry of a strap breaking, or a screen pausing midway through a session.
  2. Smart Bluetooth connectivity ensures seamless integration with a wide range of products on the market.
  3. Reliable 26hr battery life in GPS mode
  4. Sapphire crystal screen – 2nd only in hardness to diamond – making it extremely durable.

The Suunto Spartan offers a few fantastic new ‘upgrades’ over the older Ambit series as mentioned. If you are looking for a GPS watch that will accompany you on your next adventure, the Suunto Spartan is certainly worth a look.

If you are still struggling to decide on your next GPS watch purchase, visit us in store at intraining Running Centre.  Our staff are not only trained on all product knowledge, but are all runners with vast experience – having used almost every watch out there. Our knowledge combined with first hand experience on products are second to none and we can help you select the best watch to suit your needs.


For our take on the Garmin Forerunner 735XT – click here

Love 2 Run July16 enews

intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e-News – July 2016
We are over half way through the year and just over a week until Brisbane’s major marathon festival is upon us. Make sure you keep your hydration up leading into the event, even when it is cold. Being sufficiently hydrated will maximise your bodies ability to recover from training.

We hope that you are enjoying your taper and are getting excited for race day of Queensland’s second biggest marathon event. See you at the race on 7 August or in store!

Under 2 weeks to go until Brisbane Marathon Festival 2016

In this this issue:
Suunto Spartan GPS watch: When second best just won’t do…
Are your shoes ‘dead’?: A quick test determining the life of your shoes
Get that booty back: Plank your way to the strongest butt in running
Brisbane Marathon Festival: Online entry closes Thursday 4 August.
Twilight Bay Run: Another reason to enter the Bay Run in September.
Never run before?: Check out our success stories… from 2mins to 10km

Did you know running facts – Part 26
The hotter the temperature and the better the tailwind, the faster the records fall – in the sprint distance events anyway. Bolt’s record-breaking 9.58, set in Berlin in 2009, was assisted by a 0.9m/s tail wind and an air temperature in the high 20s.Usain Bolt - Fastest Man in the world

Bolt will be hoping for a tailwind of 2.0m/s, the maximum permissible for a world record at the Olympic Games in Rio this August. An increased tailwind reduces atmospheric drag, while hotter temperatures mean thinner air and fewer molecules impeding athletes’ paths.

For those in distance events the opposite is the case, with cooler temperatures the ideal requirement for faster times.

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!

**NEW** Suunto Spartan – The epitome of innovation is here
Register your interest for the Spartan with intraining pre-orders
We as runner’s are always striving to achieve, to be fitter than yesterday, and to hurt a little less on that next run. GPS watches have been showing continual improvement, through ease of use and more features than we care to use. Until now…a game changer from Suunto has arrived in Spartan. With the help of the Spartan, we can easily interpret information on how hard we train, how to improve, share it with our peers and when we should be recovering based on data collected each training session.

Latest features of the NEW Spartan range at Suunto

– Up to 65hr battery in GPS mode (ideal for ultra runners)
– Outdoor grade, high quality colour touch screen
– Sapphire crystal screen (second only to diamond in hardness)
– Space grade titanium bezel
– Ease of use 3 button navigation
– Smart training insights
– Heat map route discovery (follow the path others have used and discover new places to run, ride and move)

If you are not willing to settle for second best and looking for a GPS watch that can do it all, get your pre-order in today for the new Suunto Spartan and be the first to enjoy the epitome of innovation…read more.


Suunto Spartan - Unrivalled durability and the epitome of innovation

The Dead Shoe test – Don’t put yourself at risk of injury
Key signs that you should replace your shoes
A commonly asked question is “how do you know when your shoes are worn out?” With improved production methods, the outsole (the part that makes contact with the ground) of the shoe often shoes very little sign of wear even after hundreds of kilometres.Click here to read more about the Dead Shoe Test

Key signs you need to replace your shoes
Are your legs are feeling more tired than usual after a long run?
Usually a subtle change over time and is not apparent until you try on a new shoes.
Are you ‘louder’ than normal on foot strike?
Older shoes often make a ‘thud’ sound when they hit the ground, as opposed to a quieter and smoother contact.
Do your shoes look uneven from behind?
Look at your shoes from behind – if they are tilting excessively inwards or outwards this may suggest that the shoes need to be replaced.

The ‘Dead Shoe Test’ involves bending the front half of the shoe in half, downwards towards the sole. In old and worn out shoes there will be little resistance and lesser recoil. This would suggest that the shock absorbing ability of the shoe is fading.

Test your shoes before your next run, if your shoes fail the ‘dead shoe test’, then avoid the potential for injury and get a new pair as soon as possible. Remember to get a re-fit as  your feet may have changed since your last purchase.

Work that booty – by Doug James (podiatrist & physio)
Core strength is the key to your running happiness…
Running is tough on the body, there is no secret there! And your knees can take a pounding, whichi is why we need to ensure that our muscles are helping keep them aligned.

The trick to keeping your knees happy is to build that booty by keeping your gluteal (hip) muscles strong. Single leg squats are a commonly prescribed exercise to build hip strength, however if you have a painful knee or poor balance you might find that the exercise is both difficult and ineffective.

Instead, bridge exercises – and particularly single leg bridges – are a useful way of improving strength without placing excessive pressure on the knee, or requiring much balance.

To perform a bridge, lay on your back with your knees bent 90˚ and feet flat on the floor. Raise your …click here to view read the full article on how to strengthen glutes and reduce medial knee pain.

Click here to read the full From the Sole Clinic eNewsletter for this month

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.

Twilight Bay Run – Saturday 24 September 2016
Just another reason to join in the Bay RunTwilight Bay 2016 singlet and towel
The ever popular family fun event under the moon and stars will be held along the Wynnum Esplanade on 24 September.

Not only do participants get to enjoy a fireworks display over the Bay at 7pm…yeah, you could be finishing under a sky full of colours, but each participant receives the popular running specific and quite funky limited edition Twilight Bay singlet or Twilight towel as part of entry fees.

If you have been umming and ahhing about whether to enter, check out the 2016 singlet and towels on offer.

Events to consider
– Half marathon: Includes towel or running singlet and finisher medal
– 10km Run/Walk: Includes towel or running singlet and finisher medal
– 5km Run/Walk: Includes towel or running singlet and finisher medal
– 1km Active Kids Run: Includes towel, free games and finisher medal

Start your Spring with a bang and get your entry in for the Twilight Bay Run and join us for the 5th year anniversary under the moon and stars.


Suunto Spartan – Latest release GPS

When second best just wont do…

The long-awaited next generation of Suunto multisport watches will soon be with us. The Suunto Spartan range for athletic and adventure multisport comprises of Spartan Ultra and Spartan Sport GPS watches, renewed Suunto’s Movescount.com service and mobile smart phone applications for both iPhone and Android.


Key features

Colour touch screen optimised for outdoor useSuuntoSpartan

Suunto Spartan watches use a state-of-the-art color touch screen with a wide viewing angle that offers great visibility outdoors, even in direct sunlight. The touch screen is optimized to withstand disturbances from the environment, and it can be locked fully if needed. During exercise, the watches can be operated using the three buttons. What is more, you can customise up to 5 different screens to display up to 7 pieces of data – a watch for the true sports geek!

GPS Battery life

For demanding adventures, Suunto Spartan Ultra comes with up to 26hrs battery life with good GPS tracking accuracy and up to 65hrs with power save mode GPS. The lightweight Suunto Spartan Sport has a battery life of 16hrs with good GPS and up to 40hrs with power save mode GPS. You can control the battery life of both watches yourself for your chosen activity.


Unrivalled durability

Sapphire glass, titanium or stainless steel bezel and water resistance of 100 m (300 ft) ensure Suunto Spartan Ultra can take a beating and is ready for any adventure. Suunto Spartan Sport has a racing-inspired sleek design, featuring mineral crystal glass, stainless steel bezel and water resistance of 100 m (300 ft). Spartan Ultra and Spartan Sport watches are hand-built in Finland.

Uncover new routes set by others with heat maps

Use heatmaps on Suunto Movescount and Suunto Movescount App to find the most popular places to run, ride, swim, ski and more. Heatmaps for more than 15 sports reveal the tracks frequently used by the Suunto Movescount community all over the globe, based on millions of users.

You can plan your own routes on Suunto Movescount with the help of rich, topographic maps. Trace a heatmap, or go your own way. Connect to your Spartan and navigate the route you wish to follow.


Sports specific

80 pre-programmed sports with specific functions. Ideal for the multi-sport user with functions for sports such as running, triathlon, kayaking, trekking with specific functions for each such as swimming pace, stroke count, transition times for triathletes as well as other key sports specific functions that will satisfy your need to know more.