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Thanks for fostering a love of running

Gillan Simpson post July 12018 Logan Underwood cropped

Thanks for fostering a love of running

Running at the Mouth with Margot Manning

This was the lovely message on a Christmas card I received from one of the families at my intraining kids running group. The rest of the message also said “Running with friends is a great childhood memory for them to have”.

Running with friends should be memorable for both kids and adults, and I hope that at some stage in 2018 you had a chance to experience this.

Recently I asked the runners from my intraining Tuesday Speed group to write on a post-it note what they achieved for the year and stick it beside their original goals we made in January. This was most enjoyable to watch and a great exercise to do because it made everyone think about their year of running. While some could proudly tick off all their goals, everyone was able to write down something that they had accomplished even if it was not on their original goal note.

Intraining Mount Cook Jumping

I’d like you now to think about what you achieved through running this year.

In fact, Please STOP what you are doing. Put your screens aside and take a moment to write something down.

What did you achieve on the road this year?

How did you manage your challenges of life, injury and motivation to make running happen?

Who was your tribe, running community or even newly found running friend that helped you?

Hopefully by doing this simple exercise you can realise that there are so many memorable moments that you can experience through running even without getting PB’s.

Finally, I do have one more request as you reopen your screens.

That is to send a thank-you email or message to someone who helped you achieve your running goal. Your memorable running moments usually would not have happened without the friends who help you stick to your exercise routine, take on new challenges and even make you accountable to simply show up at training.

Merry Christmas everyone

Thanks for being a part of the running community where we all love running.

From Margot, Steve and the intraining Team

P.S.  All our intraining Coaches enjoy helping you create memorable running moments.  

See below for a snapshot from some of the runners and their successes in 2018. 


From one running buddy to another…

Gillan Simpson post July 12018 Logan Underwood

intraining Tuesday Speedwork – Underwood Group

Simone Cagney post at LOGAN Underwood

Nikki DeBruyn posted at Logan Underwood June 302018

intraining Milton Beginners Group

Julia Briskey posted

intraining Tuesday Speedwork – New Farm Park

Rhonda Wetton post at inraining New Farm Park Runner

More Running Buddies

Kiley Jane POsted in Tennyson Group

intraining community even at New York 

Steven Poon

New York Photo 2018

indooroopilly Tuesday Speedwork

Claire Indooroopilly intraining group

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