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We say farewell and a huge thank you to Greg Scanlon from being a coaching director of intraining

Thanks, Greg Scanlon for your 5 years as intraining Coaching DirectorgREG S 1.jpg 1 1

“Always turn up, never give up”
This has been Greg’s inspirational words to us all while in his role as intraining Coaching Director for the last 5 years. Greg, his lived by his own words and been present at long runs, events races and training dedicating his time and expertise to us all. This week, we say farewell to him in this coaching role as he moves into spending more time at his own business, Access Natural Health. 

Greg has been with the club since 2008. He later joined the coaching team as the Triathlon Coaching Director before taking on the Coaching Director role. Greg has also been on the intraining Running & Triathlon Committee for the last 8 years contributing to the awards night, the During this time Greg has also completed several marathons, many half marathons and 3 ironman triathlons. 

It has been a true privilege to have worked with Greg as he has helped implement and guide the marathon school programs, worked with the coaching team and of course spent time within our running community. 
Over the last few years, Greg has also established a strong crew of Kyakars giving many of our runners time off the road, and it is not uncommon to see them on the water in the red and white singlet. 

One of the lovely aspects of working with Greg is is patience and calmness. This was expressed by many of the coaches over the last week. 

Thank you, Greg, for all your time, effort and passion you have contributed to the intraining training groups, the club, the intraining programs and our coaching team. You will be missed but look forward to seeing you more both on the road and on the river. 

We have all very much appreciated all you have given. 

Over the last year, as the intraining community and coaching team has grown, so too has our coaching leadership roles. The intraining Coaching Executive Team (ICET) was established with Greg, Steve, Margot and Tracy Baker. This team will continue with Steve & Margot as the coaching directors and programmers, and Tracy as the coaching mentor. 

Greg, thank you so much for being a part of this growth in the intraining community. You have called it the Golden Era and you have been instrumental in making this happen. 

Margot, Steve & the intraining Running Community

NOTE: Make sure you listen to the video as Greg shares about his experiences in the last 5 years.

Past Coaching Directors:
1988 – 2001 Steve Manning
2001 – 2010 Linda Watson
2011 – 2014 Gerard Daly
2014 – 2019 Greg Scanlon
2019 + Steve Manning – Coaching Director, Tracy Baker – Coaching Mentor, Margot Manning – CEO (ICET: intraining Executive Coaching Team).