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The plan you need for running success in 2019

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The plan you need for running success in 2019

Motivated…  Stuck…  Frustrated…  Determined… Patient… Happy

Running takes you on this roller coaster ride of emotions. But the most important and the one to stay focused on is to make your running ‘happy’.   How you get to that happy place is a journey. And it’s this journey that makes so many wonderful running moments.

Here’s how it plays out.

A goal is set, you are excited and super keen for your running year.  Training begins and everything feels great… until…

You get STUCK
You can’t run any faster.  The idea of completing longer runs is daunting, that niggle turns into an injury or you keep needing to walk. 

Being stuck makes you FRUSTRATED
Frustration leads to not sticking to your plan, making training mistakes, losing focus on your goals and…  being really cranky!!  If you let this take over, you will feel it’s going to be a year of disappointments instead of having bragging rights as you flash your latest finisher’s medal.

So, as a runner you have to choose…  to let disappointment, fear or frustration be your block  OR  to take small steps that keep you working towards your goal.

I hope you choose to keep going.

When you do…  Be DETERMINED

Mix the idea, the running joy of others or a memory of your running happy moment with action plans – training program,  strength sessions, joining running groups, recording your data, talking with other runners, setting race goals like the UQ Twilight Run.  Determination will keep you going and override your feelings of frustration.   But… you will be tested.

Trust your plan, believe in yourself and train your brain to stay calm.   Impatience is my greatest struggle.  The brain battle to train, against the fear of missing out and losing run fitness can quickly loop you back to that feeling of frustration.   Creating strategies to manage impatience can be hugely rewarding. 

After a painful ITB injury that stopped him running, Phil, an intraining marathon schooler said, “I now follow training advice very carefully and not been injured since…”   Phil’s reward was a PB marathon,  a smile that stayed for days, and a very HAPPY Running life.

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He will tell you that “Running is a now a habit, and I plan my weekly schedule around the runs.”

Finally, Run HAPPY


Getting your goal is great.  Enjoying your running experience is even more amazing.  Running towards a goal is not really about the final time or distance.   It’s the process and the journey to get there.  

If you are prepared to recognise and work through your roller coaster of emotions your running year will look more like this…


stuck…  frustrated… 

Determined… Patient…  HAPPY

Here’s to your year of Happy Running