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Trailing running at Bayview

Bayview int 2018 cropped

Staying upright at Bayview 

SEQ Trail Series Round 4 at Bayview

This would have to be my favourite of the trail series for a few reasons. You have to love how close to Brisbane this beautiful trail is (40mins), plenty of single trail, the switch backs are fun (these have been created on a trail to prevent erosion on the side of the hill so it is important to stay on these trails to help protect the environment) and a quarter of the field was the friendly faces of our intraining run buddies.

This was a fast course as it was reasonably flat for a trail run and not to technical, and it is easy to lose focus and then the inevitable happens …the tumble!!!

A few tips on staying upright on the trail:

Looking forward to seeing you all for Round 5 of the trail Series at Bunyaville, Sunday the 3rd of Feburary, 2019.
Go intraining …we can all stay upright with practice and the, I can attitude!

Tracy Baker

Bayview group photo