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Hi, Welcome to intraining!

Join one of our friendly running groups.   The training groups follow structured programs created by Level 4 Coach, Steve Manning and shared with our runners by our wonderful team of experienced coaches.

Our coaching team have been long term runners, with many having started out just like you. 

As a team, we:

  • Meet regularly to discuss training and to continue learning
  • Collaborate on training ideas
  • Stay up to date with CPR and First Aid
  • Love to coach because we want to share our love of running with you

Come along and try a session. Just turn up…  Your first one is free.  

Happy running

Steve, Margot, Tracy

and all our coaching team

P.S.  If you are keen to come again, you will need to set up a training wallet to pay for the sessions.  

Choose which training suits you

The cost per run session is:

  • $8 for intraining Club members
  • $14 for casual attendance
  • To pay for your sessions go here

Just turn up… the coaches and our community will look after you from there.

P.S.  You don’t need to be fast, and even if you’re last, there will always be a runner for you.  

Note: All members of the public are welcome to attend our fully coached training groups

Beginners Groups

If you’re new to running or returning after a break, start your running journey here…

  • Learn to run without stopping
  • Train for your first 5km or 10km
  • Meet runners like you who are new to running, or wanting to improve 
  • Learn how to improve your running form

You will feel supported to go from a walk, to a run, from the couch to 5km and beyond

Monday Beginner Groups

  • Toowong,  intraining Running Centre, 6pm
    • Coach:  James Bell
  • Downey Park, Windsor, 5:30am
    • Coach:  Catherine

Wednesday Beginner Groups

  • Toowong,  intraining Running Centre, 6pm
    • Coach:  James Bell
  • Downey Park, Windsor, 5:30am
    • Coach:  Catherine

10K, Half Marathon & Marathon Training

intraining’s three core sessions for Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K training. 

  1.  Tuesday Speedwork
  2.  Thursday Threshold
  3.  Weekend-long Runs 

We help you learn how to train for marathons, and half marathons using PACING strategies that will have you running faster, stronger and with confidence.  

You don’t need to be fast… you just need to show up

Tuesday Speed Sessions

Speed sessions are shorter hard repeated efforts where you practice race pacing and over-pace sessions. 

Brisbane Central

New Farm Park

  • 5:30am    Coach:  Emma Skirving
  • 6:00pm    Coach:  Tracy Baker & Peter Richards

St. Lucia, University of Qld

  • 5:30am    Coach:  John Whelan
  • 6:15pm    Coach:  Steve Manning

Brisbane North


  • 5:30am    Coach:  Marty Nguyen & Paul Broad


  • 6:15pm    Coach:  John Egan

intraining Session Fees

  • $8 intraining Club member
  • $14 casual attendance

Brisbane South & West

Stones Corner

  • 5:30am    Coach:  Steve B


  • 5:30am    Coach:  James Bell


  • 5:20am    Coach:  Tom McNicol


  • 5:30am    Coach:  Margot Manning

Thursday Threshold Sessions

Threshold sessions are designed to increase cardiovascular capacity.  You run at an effort where can only hold brief conversions. 

Brisbane Central

New Farm Park

  • 5:30am    Coach:  Tracy Baker
  • 6:30pm    Coach:  Susan McGee


  • 6:00pm    Coach:  Laura Speed

Brisbane North


  • 5:30am    Coach:  Peter Jardine

Windsor [Friday only]

  • 5:15am    Coach:  Paul Broad

Brisbane South & West


  • 5:30am    Coach:  Dee Eldridge


  • 5:15am    Coach:  Simon Sauer


Long runs are designed to build strength and endurance and are often over distance.

intraining offers regular Sunday long runs from the intraining Running Centre. Support on course with drink stations, lollies and a supportive group to run with.  There’s usually a pace for everyone.  

Sunday Long Runs

Locations and dates vary:  Central location is at intraining Running Centre, Toowong

Best to email [email protected] for details

  • 5:30am Start time

Long Run Cost

$5 intraining member

$10 non club member 

  • includes on course drink stop
  • post run refreshments

For more info contact:

[email protected] or

view our intraining club calendar

Thursday Short Rep Speed Sessions

The Thursday Morning Track Group is a speed session that complements the Tuesday Intraining Speed session. It is a second speed session of shorter repetitions at higher intensity. You will like this if:

  • You are aiming for shorter races
  • Want to get faster over longer races
  • Are training for track or cross country
  • Love the shorter reps  
Note:  You don’t have to be fast to do these sessions.   

Short Rep Speed: St. Lucia

  • UQ, St.Lucia,  5:30am
    • Coach:  Steve Manning
  • Note: Extra $5 track fee required


Ideal for primary school students who want to improve their fitness and train for a school district, state and national cross country and track championships and other sports.  These are fun training sessions that include running technique drills, speedwork and race strategies.  Our philosophy is to help kids learn the love of running while developing the skills they need to race, compete and play sport. 

Monday Kids Groups: 4:30pm

  • Chermside
    • Coach: Solly Egan

Monday Kids Groups: 4:15pm

  •  New Farm Park

    • Coach: Tracy Baker


Welcome to our intraining Trail Tribe, an inclusive trail running community. Our philosophy is “No runner gets left behind!”   Our sessions are supportive for new and experienced trail runners, with sessions to help you train for short and longer trail events. Contact Tracy Baker, 0458 423 684, our Lead Trail Running Coach for session details.

Come and join us!!

Weekday Sessions 

Coached Sessions:

  • Technical trail sessions
  • Night trail runs
  • Supported loops for new and experienced runners

“No runner gets left behind”

Weekend Trail Runs

  • Longer sessions at different locations and varying distances. 
  • Coached and hosted sessions available

Contact Tracy Baker, 0458 423 684, Lead Trail Running Coach for session details.

Coached & Hosted Sessions

To find out about the sessions go to our intraining Trail Tribe Facebook page.

Coached sessions:

  • Led by qualified coaches who are experienced trail runners
  • Give you technical trail running tips and guidance 
  • $8 (club members / $14  non club members)

Hosted Sessions:

Safety Requirements

We take safety seriously, and ask that you carry these essentials:

  • hydration (water or electrolytes)
  • food/running food
  • phone
  • snake bandage
  • emergency blanket
  • and let someone know you where and what you are doing.

You can get these supplies from intraining Running Centre:

instore or online

intraining... WE KEEP YOU RUNNING

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