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Training groups information

Whether you are looking to join a group to get motivated, want to start running or simply want to improve your personal best, intraining have a range of training groups to help satisfy your running needs.

Beginner groups

We offer beginner groups catering to those just starting out running. Non intimidating environment, fun and friendly organised by experienced coaches who understand the limitations surrounding the first few steps to becoming a runner.

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Intermediate groups

Something for those who have been running for a few months or years who run frequently.

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Advanced groups

By no means do the advanced groups mean you need to be fast. It simply is designed for those runners who are aiming for a personal best time who regularly attend training sessions with a goal in the near future.

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Kid groups

Catering to children under the age of 16. The kids training groups are coordinated by experienced coaches who understand that running needs to be all about enjoyment at a young age with the view they can be runners for life. Two sessions are available each week involve; warm-up, running form drills, the session and completed with a game to warm down.

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Want something a little more personalised?

Our experienced team of coaches know that often life can get in the way of attending group training sessions. If you are looking to improve your running and reach your personal goals but want something more personalised, we offer individual training programs. These programs are based on your own personal set of circumstances and require an in person meeting to develop your ideal training program.