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Triathlon training – It’s coming


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intraining is one of the largest running and triathlon clubs in Australia – with over 1000 active members. We are excited to announce that triathlon focused and specific training sessions will be made available to club members and general public.

We are delighted to announce that intraining coach, Peter Richards, will be heading the intraining triathlon program. Peter has been passionately involved in triathlon and multi-sports for over 35 years as a competitor, accredited coach, administrator (club, state and national) and even event organiser.

Sessions will cater to triathletes in each of the four disciplines (yes… four – including swim, bike, run and transition). First session will be starting on 25th July!

The current plan for the upcoming program is below

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Cycling Ricky

Sessions will be held across Brisbane with the base location being centralised around intraining Running Centre at 33 Park Road, Milton.

Swimming specific training will be held in conjunction with Grimsey’s Adult Swim Fit program. All cycling, running and transition training will be undertaken by experienced intraining coaches to ensure you reach your potential and enjoy the triathlon experience with us.




icon FacebookWe can’t wait to show you what we have to offer in the new season and look forward to working with all ages and abilities to help reach your triathlon goals. 

Are you ready to take the plunge and get involved?

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