Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Review

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13 May

Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Review

Mizuno Wave Rider 25 Review

By Steve  Manning “The Footman” – intraining Podiatrist, Coach & Runner

The Wave Rider has been consistently one of the most popular neutral shoes over the last 25 years. This version is one of the biggest innovations during that time.  The evolution of running shoe technology has progressed towards lighter, softer and more flexible shoes. The Wave Rider 25 has achieved all of these goals. While it is only marginally lighter than the Wave Rider 24 it has done this at the same time as beefing up the midsole softness by increasing stack height and changing the midsole material.
Read and listen to Steve’s review below.  



Mizuno’s innovative new foam material MIZUNO ENERZY is 17% softer and delivers 15% more energy return while also having increased durability. Previously it was only incorporated in the heel of the Midsole but it now is found on both the top midsole and heel wedge. The Wave Rider 25 feels like the softest and most responsive Wave Rider ever.


If you twist the shoe it is obvious that it has much more flexibility than the Wave Rider 24. This is largely thanks to the new Parallel WavePlate that provides both support and cushioning. A new and improved re-engineered shape achieves an even smoother transition from heel to toe and supports forward propulsion for a more popping feel.


The outsole is perhaps the most striking feature of this new model Wave Rider reflecting the astral theme of the marketing. The outsole configuration is not significantly different but they have narrowed the longitudinal flex groove. This is a good move for people who pivot in propulsion as it will hold up better to excessive shear forces.


An all-new engineered mesh upper featuring a new PU print execution provides a premium seamless feel that is soft, breathable and flexible. Combined with a gusseted tongue construction to hug the midfoot for a more secure and superior fit. I have the feeling that the upper is more breathable than in the Wave Rider 24 and may conform easier to different foot shapes


The Wave Rider 25 features a Bio-based WAVE PLATE created from castor beans, shoelaces made from Recycled PET, and a Recycled PET lining mesh. So it delivers better performance with a reduced impact on the environment.



Mizuno has had some real wins in the last year in my opinion with the NEO shoes. They are one of the leaders in midsole innovation. I think the Wave Rider 25 is a big step in the right direction.


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