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Weekly intraining club update October 13th 2018

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Intraining Mount Cook JumpingRunning in review 

by Coaching Director Greg Scanlon

Wow… make sure you at the great photos from intraining’s crew at the Aoraki-Mt Cook Marathon tour.  Are you feeling a heavy case of FOMO? By all accounts the race, and the tour, were a huge hit with the runners. Check out the Photos here and read phils race report as well.  Keep an eye out for future tours being a new feature, with new destinations currently under discussion. Anyone for Hamilton Island or Queenstown in 2019? How about New York in 2020? Plan on taking our fabulous club experience with you, to some iconic races and spectacular destinations.  Read Phil Treakls Rsce report of Mt Cook.  

Exciting as the travel may be, let’s not forget the running gems that exist in our own backyard. Last Sunday was the 15k Championship for Brisbane Road Runners. It was taken out by our own uber athlete, Clay Dawson and important to many who had set the goal of collecting their BRRC towel. A worthy reward for completing their whole championship series.

Out of running gear news

Congratulations to Elsa Lee on the birth of her second son. Both mum and bub are doing great.

Club Results

Aoraki – Mt Cook Marathon 
Marathon intraining mt cook photo copy
3.31.09 Todd Dennis
3.33.54 James Rees 
3.37.59 Philip Teakle 
3.51.41 Helen Keegan 
4.31.38 Andrew Coop 
4.31.36 Laura Speed

Half Marathon 
1.52.26 Adrian Morrison 
2.07.02 Liz Gamin
2.10.58 Jon Remington 
2.27.36 Rachel Di Vetti 
2.32.44 Tracey Chappell 
2.38.42 Shelley Ward

0.34.55 Allen Dennis 1st overall
0.42.32 Zoe Mannning 1st female
1.03.09 Emily Dennis 
1.19.43 Bernie Dennis 
0.48.40 Steve Manning

15k Race 

mt cook marathon group photo

1.17.41 Carolyn Hughson 
1.18.11 Sandi Maxsted 
1.25.06 Catherine Turton 

1.25.08 Melanie Foote 
1.43.41 Wendy Crompton

0.52.43 Clay Dawson 
1.00.40 Marty Kelly 
1.01.11 John Shaw 
1.04.14 Darrell Giles
1.07.05 Stephen Walmsley 

Mt Cook intraining 3 photos1.10.30 Jason Cox 
1.11.30 Stuart Simmons 
1.12.29 Tom McNicol 
1.16.00 Kevin Geake 
1.16.34 James Bell 
1.20.23 Darren Manson
1.20.39 Bruce Smerdon 
1.20.56 Erhart Stockhausen 
1.27.09 Colin Woods 
1.28.53 Michael Lyttle

Looking ahead

Melbourne Marathon – 14th Oct

It is race week for these runners and an important time for doing final preparations and executing travel plans. The all important social component has been taken care of, with all being invited to for a post race lunch at European Bier Café, 120 Exhibition Street, and followed by post nap dinner celebrations at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow Pub.

SEQ Trail Series Rd 1 – 14 Oct

Held at Enoggera Reservoir, we will be encouraging anyone who is not going to Melbourne to attend this event. It’s well organised and in a very beautiful place. Come and experience the joys of the trails. A 15k road run will also be available from the shop.

Qld Triathlon Series Rd 2 – 14 Oct

Round 2 will be held at Raby Bay this weekend. For any help or guidance, make sure you get in touch with the Trisquad at [email protected] or go to their Facebook page. The squad is now running regular Wednesday evening and Friday morning sessions to help you launch your season properly.

Event Calendar 


Sun Oct 14th – Melbourne Marathon, SEQ Trail Enoggera, Raby Bay Triathlon, intraining long run, (Milton 15k)
Sun Oct 21st – BRRC Relay – 3x 4.5k, Bribie Triathlon.
Sun Oct 28th – Qld Trail Series (Numinbah) – or intraining Trail run 10 to 25k
Sun Nov 4th – BRRC 10k – Noosa triathlon
Sun Nov 11th – Qld trail series (Pomona) or intraining long run Sandgate/trail.
Sun Nov 18th – BRRC 5k, Kawana Triathlon
Sat Nov 24th – QA State Relay Championships
Sun Nov 25th – Qld Trail Series or intraining Long Run, Bribie Tri


mt cook finish intraining

Qld Tri Series
R2 RABY BAY – 14 October 2018
R3 KAWANA – 18 November 2018
R4 RABY BAY – 9 December 2018
R5 ROBINA – 13 January 2019
R6 CALOUNDRA – 3 February 2019
R7 RABY BAY – 3 March 2019

Bribie Tri Series

20th/21st October 2018
24th/25th November 2018
23rd/24th February 2019
23rd/24th March 2019

Noosa Triathlon
4th November 2018

Mooloolaba Triathlon
17 March 2019


SEQ Trail Series Dates
Hit the trails in summer
Would you like a change from running on the roads? This popular and well organised series has grown over the last few years. Get amongst the shade of the trees and develop some good running strength with the intraining team.

14 Oct Rd1 Enoggerra
28 Oct Rd2 Numinbah
11 Nov Rd3 Pomona
25 Nov Rd4 Bayview
03 Feb Rd5 Bunyaville
17 Feb Rd6 Hinze Dam
03 Mar Rd7 Ewen Maddock Dam
17 Mar Rd8 Daisy Hill