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Weekly Roundup

By intraining Running & Triathlon Club

So, another weekend has ended. How good was the weather? Loving this time of the year! Yesterday we saw a long run from the shop, Brisbane Road Runners and the River Run 100…Phew, that’s enough to make anyone have a lie down!Weekly roundup image 

It was great to see everyone at the shop in preparation for the long run on Sunday morning. Thank you to Ant and Laura who coached the run. We have some members who are training for some exciting marathons overseas.  Tony Smith (Auckland Marathon) and Cushla Nicol (Chicago) looked super strong. Andrew Murray (Auckland) and Jen Craig (Auckland) as always ran with a smile. I call that a massive win!  Who else has an overseas marathon planned to finish the year?  Let us know so we can follow your progress.


River Run 100

A massive shout out to Mark Rainbird who managed a PB with a massive under 4-hour marathon. Well Done Mark, we are all proud of you. You have worked super hard for that time.  It is great to see how much your running has improved!  Darren Manson your first Ultra, thank goodness for pain killers.  I hope you are resting today.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the River Run 100 Ultra Marathon.

Reece Eberhard for completing 100km 16:55:23

Darren Manson for completing his first Ultra (50km) 05:58:05

Mark Rainbird 42.2km 03:57:08

Matthew Facoory 42.2km 03:29:25

Catherine Hayden 21.1km 02:53:33

Raelene Kramer 21.1km 02:16:09

Simone Cagney 21.2km 02:15:52

For the full list of River Run 100 results  Click Here.

Weekly roundup image.jpg 0

Brisbane Road Runners Club

Despite a couple of other big events on Sunday, including the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, BRRC also had a great turnout.   Oh my gosh….is it just me or does Zoe look like she is having way too much fun, oh to be young again!  I am sure I am not alone when I say she represents what running is all about, the fun and joy it brings us all. Of course, we had others out on the course and I am sure they enjoyed it as much as Zoe did.

BRRC 5km

Andrei Wightman 0:24:18

Colin Chow 0:23:20

Helen Ridley Hanna 0:27:05

John Dempster 0:30:48

Kerri Biggins 0:26:25

Louisa Abram 0:19:51

Russell Wilson 0:34:21

BRRC 10km

Bruce Smerdon 0:50:43

Brandon Robertson 0:24:17

Cassandra Richardsona0:44:16

Clare Mitchell 0:45:24

Geoff Davis 0:46:10

Gerard Daly 0:44:42

Greg Bryson 0:48:47

James Davis 0:38:15

Jayne Riethmuller 1:05:42

Joanne Boyd 0:46:10

John Lavery 1:07:40

Mike Dickson 0:52:27

Muriel Mclean 0:46:32

Naomi Daly 0:53:11

Peta Dunne 0:49:33

Philip Teakle 0:42:44

BRRC 15km

Belinda Todd 1:46:20

Deanna Eldridge 1:22:53

Helen Banks 1:54:11

Jason Cox 1:13:10

Michael Casey 1:12:13

Robert Henderson 1:09:44

Stephen Walmsley 1:12:12

BRRC 20km

Alistair Reid 1:25:49

Andrew Goodley 1:52:28

Bernard Shyne 2:00:21

Hudson Ridoutt 1:41:13

Ian Ridoutt 1:39:40

Jessica Tomlins 1:53:50

Jiefei Chen 2:18:37

John Yesberg 2:00:29

Karen Ridoutt 2:00:31

Steven Yang 1:24:24

Zoe Manning 1:29:20

For a full list of results  Click Here.