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When are your shoes too old?

Margot Steve
Article by: Margot Manning (podiatrist, kids coach and runner)

Are your shoes too old?

We are in the middle of the running season and most runner’s shoes will be close to the end of their life. While most injuries occur because of training mistakes it can be easy to neglect the ‘aging’ of your running shoes leading to a usually avoidable injury.

The most common reason for a running shoe causing an injury is because they are too old or the cushioning has compressed from the months of training. This aging process can be difficult to recognise in a shoe because there are usually minimal physical signs of age.

However, there are a few things you should learn to recognise so that you avoid injury and enjoying your running.

The 4 early signs of an aged shoe

  1. Delayed muscle recovery: Do you get excessively sore muscles, bones, ligaments following a run?
  2. Niggles: Are you starting to notice minor injuries that make running uncomfortable?
  3. ‘Hot’ spots: Do your feet feel like they are burning?
  4. Excessive wear on the outsole rubber: Have you worn through the rubber on the sole to the midsole (ie: the soft white part of the shoe)?

ShoeDonationTake the time to update your running shoes. Don’t leave it too late to change your shoes and risk getting an injury. As a general rule of thumb, the lifespan of a running shoe is approximately 600km. Remember, incidental walking around contributes to your running shoes life.

Runners tip: Use your running shoes only for running. Save your old shoes for shopping, walking around, catching up with friends and all the other incidentals. You will find that the lifespan of your shoes will increase – plus it is easier to keep track of distance covered.

If you are unsure if your shoes are on their way out, visit the intraining Running Centre and our footwear specialists will help determine if it is time for a new pair.

If you have been unhappy with your current shoes, book in to see one of our running podiatrists for a more thorough analysis of your biomechanics, running style and training. Don’t let your shoe be the cause of an injury.

Call us at the intraining Running Injury Clinic on 3367 3088, or book online.

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