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Who said Running was an individual sport?

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Who said Running was an individual sport?

Running at the Mouth with Margot Manning

I have a question for you.
Which type of run do you enjoy more?

A: The run where you pop on your headphones and set off from home with your favourite playlist or podcast then log your run effort into your virtual running program or

B: The run where you meet your running buddies and chatter about running, life, and share specific goals. 

Both have their merits, but my answer is definitely B.   Here’s why.

Beyond our running personal running goals, there is a huge mix of both team and community.

As a team we have a strong mutual commitment to cross the finish line with a PB, a specific time or a distance goal. So when in a race, we are working together encouraging with cheers, nods, waves, and similar pacing strategies to help each of us to reach our potential.

Afterwards we recount the experience and talk about our PB’s, PW’s, and the strategies we used to cope with moments of hardship or those feelings of invincibility.

As a community we are connecting with other runners who have the same interest which gives us the ability to collaborate our ideas towards achieving our running goals.

Your running community is the place that gives you a sense of identity outside of your normal routine.  Your community  is where you celebrate all those running moments with your running friends of all levels of ability.  It’s the shared experience  and belonging that connects us as runners as we all move along our running journey.  

As a coach I enjoy watching the different running friendship groups of our community animatedly talking… sharing their running experiences, knowledge and words of encouragement with each other.

As a runner,  I thoroughly enjoy feeling that I am part of something so much bigger than my own race.  In particular, I now take the time at fun runs to really enjoy that start line vibe.  It’s in these moments of waiting to start and the first few kilometres as we run through the pre-race adrenline that I feel like can become a part of my ‘team of 1000’s’ who are going to be out there doing this run together.

While there are times when we need time alone on the road, there is so much to be said for being part of a greater running community.

See you on the road.


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