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How do you know if it’s the shoes, your training, or…   ‘gulp’…   your age. 

With Margot Manning, podiatrist, coach and runner

We all have those runs you slog it out and your body just does not seem to recover.  

While there are many possible reasons for this there are two biggies that you need to check first, and I’m not going to let you use ‘age’ as the excuse!!

Firstly, no one needs to admit that age is the reason for feeling flat and worn out.  We all know how to modify our training to suit the next decade of life.  This means that it’s either training, our shoes, or a combination of both that could be contributing to feeling worn out.  

The important message for you is to recognise when you are not feeling great and take the steps to regain your bounce and keep loving your running.  

Here are 3 signs you need to recognise and act on.  

1.Throbbing feet

Throbbing feet = old shoes…   (usually!!)

That is the most common reason for knowing your shoes are dead.  This usually happens after your long runs or towards the end of them.  You may even have felt a bit flat in your run.   Your feet and legs will have a tender or dull achy sensation.  

Don’t hesitate on this one. Race into you our running shop and get yourself a new pair.   It only leads to more trouble if you don’t change your shoes soon!!  

2. Old injuries resurface or a new niggle starts

Niggles can be signs of fatigue after an increased training load or old shoes that cause pain.   Before you let this one turn into a full-blown injury, check your SHOES and your TRAINING.

Shoes wear out and it’s surprising how fast the months went by since you purchased your last pair.  Combine this with an increase in your training and little niggles just keep popping up.  

Training can have a huge impact on your body, particularly if you have increased the load, or moved into new programs and over different surfaces.  

3. You’re not sleeping or feeling extra tired at work

Failure to launch is a true phenomenon for a runner.  This happens when your body is not recovering as fast from your training as you would like and you struggle to get out of bed.  You will fatigue faster and be less productive during the day.  

If you don’t have a recovery day soon you can even lose your appetite.   Take a day or two off from running if this is you.  You’re worn out body will feel so much better, less cranky and be excited about your next run.  

HERE is an easy check for your running shoes. 

If you answer YES to more than three of these then you need to check your shoes.

My running shoe checklist...


If you are still not sure why you are feeling worn out, an easy test is to come into our intraining store and have a run in a new pair of shoes.  Your tired and worn out body will immediately feel that freshness and bounce missing from your runs.   

At intraining we look after your feet, we write programs, and we manage injuries.  Running shoes are our specialty.  You’ll really love our running track because you can feel the difference between new and old shoes when you try them out.  



Come and see us at intraining for all your running needs or 

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Looking for some help with your running shoes?

Here are 3 ways you can use our services at intraining Running Centre when you need some help with your running shoes:

#1  Come into the store and see our Running Team.  

They will have you try on and run in a range of shoes until you find the right one.  Plus they LOVE to talk running and hear what you are wanting to do with yours

#2  Book a shoe fitting appointment with Steve, Doug or Margot (Our Podiatry and Physiotherapy team).

We are all runners and have worked with runners for years.  This works really well if you have more difficult feet to fit, or you are just unsure.  

#3  For Injuries… 

You’ll need to book in to see our Running Injury Clinic team.  We can help you treat, manage and get you back to running. 

Your Running Injury Helpline 

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