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INTRAINING Running & Triathlon Club is an incorporated association that sits under the intraining brand. 

The mission of the intraining brand is to “share the love of running with the community …”

The goals of the club are to facilitate membership of Queensland Athletics and Triathlon Queensland, to enter organised events and races as a club, to promote friendship and belonging, and to lift physical and mental health by promoting running in the wider community.

See the Events Calendar for a comprehensive list of all the events we plan to target as a club during the year.

How the Club Began

INTRAINING Running & Triathlon Club’s story officially began in 1994

While the training groups had been operating since 1989, Steve Manning, owner and founder of intraining Running Centre could see a hole in the weekend racing that excluded  recreational runners from feeling comfortable to compete. Steve set out to establish a club that would include both fun runners and competitive runners to give an opportunity for more racing opportunities.  This inclusive philosophy to create a club for runners in intraining’s already existing training group community revolutionised Brisbane running.  

The goal

Steve Manning’s main purpose of the club was to give runners from his recreational, athletic and junior training groups a place to connect, and compete in cross country, track and road events.  The major focus was to give recreational runners experiences in running events that were only available to competitive athletes.  Largely, for our intraining members, it was to give them access to Saturday cross country racing.  

This move rocked the running world in Brisbane!

Within a year, intraining’s club were unbeatable in the cross country season. Relay events were filled with intraining teams showing that the camaraderie by participation was equally, if not more important, as winning.  

Runners became coaches

Wanting to continue to share this love of running, several of our club members became coaches for training groups.

 A supportive community

Quickly, the roads became filled with the striking red and white singlet and the air was filled with cheers of “Go intraining”. People found lifelong friendships within the running community.  intraining has been the largest non-online club in Australia for decades.

“When it stopped being about the physical running and became more about the fun and enjoyment of running with a group of people”.  Rachel Di Vetta, intraining Club member

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