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Ever sprained your ankle?

sprained ankle scaled

Have you ever rolled your ankle? … and then rolled it again? … and then again?? Lateral ankle sprains are frustrating and unless rehabilitated successfully, the risk of re-injury is very high.

The ATFL (anterior talo-fibular ligament) is the most commonly strained ligament, which not only causes weakness, but also a lack of neuro-muscular control. Even though the bruising and swelling may be gone, that doesn’t mean the injury has been treated.

Proper rehabilitation can involve a rather extensive range of non-weight bearing and weight bearing activities, as well as strengthening and proprioception exercises. If you have rolled your ankle, or have still not got complete recvoer after a past ankle sprain, come and see one of our physiotherapist and podiatrists.  They’ll help you with a prgoram specific to restrengthingin your ankle.

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